EV Chargers

Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

We install a wide range of EV Charger points for homes and businesses across the Surrey area.

We specialise in all aspects of electric vehicle charge point design and install, providing bespoke solutions to businesses looking to make the switch to all electric.

If you already have an EV charger installed at home or a public location, our technicians are also available to troubleshoot any issues and carry out repairs.

Benefits of Home EV Chargers

  • Convenience and reliability – you can easily charge your car at home instead of having to find a public charging station.
  • Cost savings – it’s often cheaper to charge your vehicle with a home charger than it is to use public stations, especially if you’re charging multiple cars.
  • Safety – our team of technicians will make sure that your home charger is installed safely and securely, so you don’t have to worry about any potential safety issues.
  • Time savings – you can charge your car overnight so that it’s fully charged and ready to go in the morning

Workplace EV Charging

Having charging solutions at work can be beneficial for employees who rely on electric vehicles to get to and from the office.

It also prepares your workplace for the upcoming growth in the number of electric vehicles, making your business more attractive to prospective hires.

Benefits of Workplace EV Chargers:

  • Increasing employee attraction
  • Reduce fuel costs for employees
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Having EV charging on site will reduce your company’s overall carbon footprint and thus aid in achieving sustainability goals.

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With our extensive expertise and certifications, we can offer a complete electrical solution and excellent service to assist with the rewiring, testing, and maintenance needs of your commercial, residential or agricultural premises, alongside the installation of EV chargers.

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